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Group Events


One-time Consultation

What you will receive:

We will meet with you once and give you practical advice.


This one-time consultation is ideal for new clients. Or it’s best for the person who does their own marketing and needs a fresh outside perspective. 

I like to call it the onetime “marketing makeover” meeting. This is your time to ask us all the questions you want. 

Our goal is to help you improve your marketing and make you more money. 

Here is how to get the most out of your one-time consultation.

Unlimited Consultations

What you will receive:

Unlimited means unlimited.


Unlimited Advice
We will give you marketing and business advice 24/7 over the phone, via email or face to face. As much as you need. On any topic. Anywhere, anytime. 

Unlimited marketing materials reviews
We will critique your marketing materials and tell you how to improve them. For example, we will tell you why your website stinks. Or, we will suggest ideas on how to improve your sales letters, emails, ads, fliers, brochures, online advertising, and more. 

If you choose our unlimited plan, we will give you a salesoscopy, which includes a comprehensive marketing plan! 

Event Speaker

What you will receive:

Need a speaker for your event?

Peter covers any topic such as:



-Sales Training

-Turning prospects into customers

-Retaining customers

- Reactivating dormant customers

-Small business profits


-Marketing Design

Why Peter Brooks?

Peter created his advertising agency in 1984. Today, he is a master in both online and offline marketing methods. He is a humorous, high-energy teacher of new and traditional marketing and advertising methods. 

Group Events

Marketing Workshop

What you will receive:

If your advertising is not delivering the results you want come to our marketing workshop and learn how to properly promote your small business on a shoestring budget. 

This is a hands-on marketing workshop that includes a 350-page workbook.

In three intense three-hour sessions, you will learn a proven, step-by-step, do-it-yourself marketing and advertising training system.

It is geared for small business owners on a shoestring budget who want measurable results.

Who should attend?

-Small business owners


-Marketing directors

-Advertising managers

-Anyone who wants better marketing

Customer Service Workshop

What you will receive:

The most effective form of marketing has been and will always be word-of-mouth and customer relations.

Are you tired of losing customers (and money) because your customer service stinks?

Do you know why your customers leave you?

1% Die

3% Move 

5% Form other friendships

9% Switch for competitive reasons

14% Are dissatisfied of your products

68% Leave because of a perception of poor customer service.

Stop the bleeding.

There is no reason to lose customers over bad customer services. De-stink your customer service once and for all.


We offer customized, on-site customer service workshops from one hour to one day.

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