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Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing Benefits

Written quotes only

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

No surprise invoices

We tell you all fees up front and in writing. When our invoice arrives each month, you will not be shocked. 

You own the art

Everything we do for you is your property. We will be happy to give you the raw files and all original art.

No long contracts

Every month is the honeymoon month. If we are not meeting your expectations, let’s end our relationship.

Guaranteed quality

When we print your projects, the quality of our printing is guaranteed. If it does not meet your expectations, we will reprint the job or refund your money.  

Under budget always

If we must do a change order—which is rare because we have been giving quotes since 1984—we will do it in writing and get your approval before adding to your invoice.

Soft costs included

Our quotes will include all soft costs: copywriting, graphic design, consultation, etc. 

are serious

If we do not meet or beat your deadline, and it is our fault, we will not charge you one cent for our creative services. 

No low-balling

We do not lure you into hiring us with unusually low fees because we *accidentally* forgot to include part of the project. We know how to give accurate quotes.


If we ever let you down… if we ever slack off… if we do not treat your like our #1 client… if we are not an asset to your bottom line, fire us. 

Easy monthly

To help you track your budget, we will send invoices once a month. If your project is a one-time project, we will send only one invoice at the end. Simple. 


We itemize our invoices so there will be no heart attacks in accounts payable. And we make sure the itemization matches our original proposal.

Firm quotes

We can give you a firm estimate or a low-to-high estimate. We want you to know all soft and hard costs up front.

Piggy Bank

What is your budget?

We want to keep your bookkeepers happy! So as not to waste our time and especially yours, can you give us some sense of what level fits your budget?


In the creative world, there are quick-and-dirty projects. And there are high-end projects. And everything in between.


It does not make sense for us to *guess* at a price and then scope our products and services to that price. 


If we are too HIGH, we will not do business together and we both lose.


If we are too LOW, you are getting less that you really want or need.


We are on the same page and need to work together.


The most straightforward approach is for you to tell me how much you plan on investing in our services and then i will scope to that price. We can make adjustments as necessary.


We never want to lose your business over money. So please be upfront and forthright with us and tell us what is on your mind regarding creative budgets. Thank you!

How to hire us

We can help you grow your business in three ways:

By the Hour

This is the best way if you need us only now and then. Do not worry; you will not give us a blank check. Even though we are hired by the hour, we will give you a low-to-high estimate before starting any project. 

By the project

This is the best way if you know exactly what you need and want a flat price. Before starting the job, we will spell out in detail what we will do for you and all costs and deadlines involved. 

By the month

This is the best way if you have many projects and want UNLIMITED marketing advice and creative services for one flat, set fee. Never fear: we work month-to-month. You can fire us at any time for any reason. There is no risk. Just the pleasure of knowing that your marketing fees won’t budge.

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