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The MarketingFlower

Grow your business.

Stem (Solutions)

Do your products and services satisfy the needs and wants of your market?

Soil (Needs and Wants)

Who is your ideal market?
What is their want or need?
What problem can you solve?



Water (Capital)

Do you have enough money to 

(A) reach your markets, 

(B) develop the right products, 

(C) execute a marketing plan to 

(D) make a profit?

Seeds (Profits)

-How much money are you making?
-What is your net profit? 

-How are you increasing sales and cutting costs?


Scroll down to see how the flower can help you make more money.


Petals (Marketing)

​M-1: Markets

Who is the one market you are targeting? (You can target others, but one at a time.)

M-2: Motives
What problem does your market face? What solutions do they want?

M-3: Messages
What is your what’s-in-it-for-me (WIIFM) offer? What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

M-4: Media
Which media will reach your market most effectively and efficiently?

M-5: Measurement
How will you make your marketing accountable and quantify what’s working?

M-6: Maps
Do you have a measurable marketing plan to achieve your motives?

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