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We will create the tools to de-stink your marketing.


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How Are We Different?

We are unlike any other marketing agency because we follow what we call the “6 Ms" of marketing: motives, markets, message, media, measurement, and maps. 


Do you want to de-stink your marketing? Then do these 6 Ms. And in this order. 









Why are you marketing? 

Some businesses spend time and money on marketing because they think that’s just what you need to do. I hope you are marketing for one reason: to make more money. End of story. If your marketing is not making you money, your marketing stinks.




Who are your ideal customers?

You have only three markets: customers, prospects, and suspects. A customer is someone who bought from you; a prospect is someone who has contacted you; and a suspect is someone who should buy from you but knows nothing about you. If you do not know your three markets, your marketing stinks.




What is your WIIFM message? 

WIIFM means what’s in it for me? That is the only thing your three markets care about. Sorry, but they do not care about your business; they care about themselves. If your marketing is more focused on you more than the customer, your marketing stinks. 




Which media is best?

These days, most businesses are in love with only online media. Yes, online media works. But there are four media every business should use: personal, direct, mass and online. If you are putting all your marketing dollars into only one media, your marketing stinks. 


How do you know if your marketing is working or not? 

Measure everything. Of course, you can measure page views, unique visitors, email opens, bounce rates, social media shares, etc. But the one thing you should be asking is: did this media lead to a sale? If you cannot measure your marketing—and if it does not directly lead to a sale—your marketing stinks.


How simple and doable is your marketing? 

You ought to have a simple marketing map for each market. If you cannot describe your marketing plan on the back of a napkin, your marketing stinks. 

Meet the Team!

Marketing De-stinker

Peter Brooks

Peter has been helping his clients increase their sales and decrease their marketing costs since 1984, when he opened his marketing and advertising agency,

Meet the Team!


Art Director


As art director, Jacob is in charge of making you look fresh! In his freelance time, he has worked for CAPiTA snowboards, documentary film companies, and other cool ventures.  

Meet the Team!

Customer Care


Have you seen the movie, The Devil Wears Prada? Lindsey's job is sort of like that. She deals with everything in the most professional way. She is cool as a cucumber. Also, she is a talented painter. :)

Meet the Team!

Black and White Portrait of a Woman

Senior Designer


Having been with us since 2003, Tamara is the company’s longest-reigning designer. She is a perfectionist who specializes in clean, creative layout design and print.

Meet the Team!

Male Portrait

Web Designer


Brandon is a proficient web designer who knows how to code anything. He has a love for photography and has been the head director of many photoshoots.



"Every year I send our traditional Christmas cards. Then I learned about Peter's techniques. The next year, I sent out a Christmas card with one change. But that one change got me 60 new appointments. I have never seen a return like this, and I will never again send out a traditional Christmas card again after what I learned from Peter."


—  Jerry Clark,

Alpine Spinal Rehabilitation

"He said to target customers first, prospects second and suspects third. I'm sold on Peter's system because the ideas he teaches are all about getting results.


—  Keith Jenkins,

Xpress Bill Pay

" I was a city councilman and it was my job to promote a bond that would increase taxes. I came across Peter's marketing methods. We were able to get the bond passed. Peter's marketing techniques were not flashy. But they worked.


—  Heidi Rodeback,

American Fork, Utah

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