SEO Stinks?

Below is our 8-point plan for putting you on the first page of Google

Website Audit

The first thing we do is check the health of your website and make sure there are no general structural errors. When we find them, we fix them on the spot. A good website needs a strong SEO frame. 





We make sure your website is running at peak performance by fixing:

  • Content, the words and graphics you put on your website

  • Header tags, or the <h1> tags in HTML

  • Title tags that are displayed on search engine results pages

We submit your website to more than 600 local online directories. Because of Google algorithms, we submit your information to only 60 per month. This amount shows the search engines that you are a growing, legitimate business. Every month, we give you a report of which directories were added. Plus, we give you the user names and passwords so you can double-check our work.

Video Submissions

We submit your video to over 60 video directories over a six-month period. Plus, we give you the user names and passwords so you can see where these videos have been posted. (If you do not have any videos, our team can help you write and produce videos of any length.)

Infographic Submissions

We create infographics regarding your website and submit them to 60+ sites. Infographics are visually stimulating graphics of information. They make it easy for users to see your data quickly. 

Slide Shows and PDFs

We create PDFs and slides regarding your website and submit them to 60+ sites over a six-month period. Plus, every month we give you the user names and passwords so you can see where these slide shows and PDFs have landed.

Classified Submissions

Do you remember the classified sections of your local newspapers? This is kind of like that. Your business will be “classified” into several categories on the Internet so potential customers can find you quickly. We submit this information to about 20 sites over a six-month period. 

Website Profiles

A profile explains who you are, what you sell, who you serve, and  how they can contact you. We create profiles on over 200+ websites within an eight-month period. We do about 25 per month to demonstrate to the search engines that you are not a fly-by-night company. 

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Scope and Timing

  • Meet the Team!

    • Competition Analysis

    • Google My Business Analytics Setup and Monthly Reporting

    • Google My Business Setup

    • Keyword Research

    • Enterprise Level Keyword Research may be 1,000+ keywords

    • Traditional Keyword Research Average 21-keywords

    Phase 1:


  • Meet the Team!

    • Agency Analytics Website Report Login

    • Keywords plan keywords per month 

    • Link Building Reporting

    • Search Engine Ranking Reports

    • Special SEO Reports using Agency Analytics and BrightLocal

    • Mobile Site optimization

    • Desktop Site optimization

    • Google My Business Site optimization

    Phase 2:

    Launch Day

  • Meet the Team!

    • Fixes to the Site first 15-days

    • Canonicalization/301 Redirect

    • Internal Link Structuring and Optimization

    • On-Page Optimization

    • Pages H1 tags Optimization

    • Robots.txt Creation/Analysis

    • Schema Markup Implementation

    • Title & Meta Tags Optimization

    Phase 3:

    Within the first 15 days

  • Meet the Team!

    • Bing Local Listing

    • Citation Building

    • Classified Submissions

    • Content Optimization

    • Coupon Distribution

    • DOC / PDF Submission

    • Facebook Page Setup

    • Google Plus Page Setup

    Phase 4:

    Within 30 days

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