If your website is not helping you make more money, your website stinks.

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No brainer

A good website does not require your reader to think. People don’t want to think when going to your website. If your website looks hard to read, your website stinks. 



A good website is user-friendly. It is designed how people actually use your website. If your website is not easy-to-use, your website stinks.


Crystal Clear

A good website is clear. Every page is direct. There is no unnecessary content or distractions. If your website is not overly simple, your website stinks.



A good website sells. Readers are asking one question: what can you do for me? Take them to the next level in your sales process. If your website does not persuade, your website stinks.



A good website focuses on the reader, not you. Your readers do not care about you; they care about what you can do for them. If your website is self-centered, your website stinks.



A good website looks different than other websites in your industry. Your goal is to differentiate yourself, not blend in. If your websitesimilar competitors, your website stinks.



A good website directs the reader. It is straightforward, like a road map. Your readers should know how to accomplish what they want to do. If your website is too complex, your website stinks.


Offers value

A good website puts readers’ needs first, not yours. You solve problems. You give answers. You tell them how you can ease their pain. If your website does not give solutions, your website stinks.

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