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Free Marketing Course

Learn how to do your own marketing by following our easy, step-by-step plan.

Benefits of doing the course

Attract Potential Customers
Learn what makes potential customers drawn to your business.

Choose The Right Media
Print? How about TV? Learn to use the right media for your specific market.

Keep Customers For Life
Find and keep customer for life by applying through the course.

Measure What Is Working
Not only learn how to make money but also measure what is working.

Create Marketing Tools
We will provide you the latest marketing techniques to with the right tools.

Turn Prospects Into Customers
Learn how to cultivate and develop prospects into life long trusting customers. 

Free monkey!

Place this 7” bobbling monkey on your desk to remind you that you need to de-stink your marketing every day. And then watch your sales go ape!


(We will even ship it to you FREE of charge anywhere in the USA. No obligation. No catch. This monkey is an important part of this course.)

Monkey Bobble head

What does a monkey have to do with My Marketing Stinks? 

Before My Marketing Stinks we called ourselves the Original Marketing Monkey. Both companies are owned by Brooks Advertising. 


To learn more about the monkey, listen to audio #3 to hear to cool story of the rally monkey. It will make more sense, I promise. 


And then put your rally monkey in a place you see every day.

Learn how to do your own marketing by following our easy, step-by-step course

Free: 12 hours of audio instruction plus a 349-page workbook.

(Do this course and your marketing will never stink again!)



Phase 1

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