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Enter the conversation in their head.

After you flag them down, you now enter the conversation already going on inside their head. But remember this: Whoever you’re talking to is already having a conversation…with themselves.

Every person is constantly holding a mental discussion in the privacy of their brains. They are thinking about their business, their fears, their interests, their lives.

It sounds so self-centered, but it’s true: we are always thinking about ourselves.

If your headline flags down the right person, that’s just the start. Now you must engage them in a dialogue.

If you truly want to be successful—if you really want to engage your reader—you need to “enter” that conversation—especially in regards to what you’re selling.


  • If you sell printing services, what’s your prospect thinking about with printing?

  • If you own a restaurant, what things are your potential diners thinking about?

  • If you are a doctor, what are your patients feeling when they are calling on you?

  • If you sell cars, what are potential customers worried about before they see you?

Every prospect is having a conversation with themselves about what it is you’re trying to sell them.

Remember: you’re talking to a real, live human being who is full of greed and fear and is already talking to themselves about what you sell. Enter that conversation.


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