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Make them an irresistible offer.

Of course, you want a clear message, but more importantly, you always want to make sure you have a strong, tempting, alluring, inviting, and attractive offer.

Never be guilty of contacting them without offering something or asking them to do something. It’s always about the offer, the bait. (See the fishing analogy on page 3.)

For example, never run a newspaper ad that doesn’t have a compelling call to act.

Or never send out a sales letter that does not state your offer clearly and tells the reader exactly what they’ll get after reading the letter.

Remember that when somebody receives your sales letter, looks at your ad or receives your e-mail they are asking only one question: What’s in it for me?

My advice: test a variety of offers. How will you know which offers work the best? Don’t worry. The public will tell you which they like and which they don’t.


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