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Poke at their pain, yet offer solutions.

What do you say when you follow-up? It’s easy: Remind them of their pain, the reason they contacted you in the first place.

Put your finger on their pain and make it hurt. Pour salt into their wounds.

But always offer relief, a solution.

Explain that their pain will only get worse if they don’t do something about it right now.

  • Think like an informercial. Do you know why long infomercials work? It’s because the advertiser has enough time to build up the pain and offer a solution.

  • Tell your story. What do you sell and why should somebody buy?

  • Show empathy. Prospects want to know that you have the ability to understand and share their feelings. They want to know you’ve “been there, done that.” They buy from you because they feel you relate to them.

  • Be the expert, the problem-solver. Make them feel that you are the one person in the world who can ease their pains. Show your competence.

  • Offer a solution. Tell them what you will do for them.


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