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Use common sense when choosing media.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Now that you have selected only one market and you know why people buy, contact them using the right media. There are four media:

1) Internet: E-mail. Banner ads. SEO. Social media. SEM. Pay-per-click. Etc.

2) Direct: Direct mail. Telemarketing. Interactive 3-D mailer. Etc.

3) Personal: Visits. Calls. Emails. Etc.

4) Mass: Newspapers. TV. Magazines. Radio. Outdoor. Etc.

No matter which media you use, whether it’s online or offline, remember that you’re talking to one person at a time. You’re not talking to the masses.

You are talking to one.

Do not copy your competition. They may be using the wrong media. Think for yourself. You’re smarter than your competitors.

Here’s the rule: choose a media that actually reaches the one market you’ve selected.

For example, if you’re trying to reach past customers, direct media is probably best.

Or, if you’re trying to reach all homeowners in your city, mass media might work best.

Or, if you’re trying to reach prospects, personal media may do the trick.

Or, if you’re trying to reach teenagers, social media is probably your best bet.

Choosing the right media is all about common sense.

Answer these questions:

• Does this media actually reach my target audience?

• Is it cost-effective?

• Can I measure whether this media worked or not?

• What are my chances of turning a profit if I use this media?


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