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What happened was miraculous. I only changed the headline of my ad. That one change did not increase our calls by 10 or 20 percent which would have pleased me. No! Instead, our calls increased 300%.scents of your marketing woes.



—  Dave Kaye, Kaye Kotts Associates


"Peter helped our company focus on growing our business, expanding our customer count, increasing purchase frequency. He's not all about creating fancy marketing pieces and so-called creative programs; his purpose was to increase our profits. Today we have hundreds of Golden Spoon yogurt stores.


—  Jeff Barnes,

The Golden Spoon, 

"One thing that learned from Peter was that creativity is nice. But it is not as important as putting butts in seats! I doubt his techniques we learn will ever be useless."


—  Derek Christopher,

"What I like about Peter's system is that it's all about results. That's what's good about his methods. It's all about measuring the outcome of our marketing efforts."


—  Scott Anderson,

Total Scrubs

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